welcome to missouri. and the world.

Today was a bit unexpected. Warmer weather than it has been. Partly sunny with blue patches of sky. An email out of the blue from an old friend. And ... a baby was born.

Good thing we were already out and about with a camera when we heard the news (even if we didn't have all our lenses on board). Nevetheless, world, meet the newest addition to the Maddox clan!


birds, boats and botany

Winter is wearing on... Are you happy where you are today? Literally. Or metaphorically.

Just posted some more images from our recent trip on our travelogue.


we swam with stringrays

... And it was all Becca's idea. See a National Geo video on our travel blog for a very accurate taste of what it was like.


del caribe

Please excuse the temporary slow-down in posts. Wait... What? There are photos going up daily on Ben & Becca's other blog? Ahhh. Photos from the Caribbean.
*Update! 5 (okay, really just 4) travel posts are up as of today (1/15/11).
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