recreate the magic of film...

Hey, all... If you're ever looking for ways to add more character to your photos, through an old friend we've discovered a great place to start: Check out CameraBag. It started out as a cool, inexpensive iPhone app, and now it's available for your PC and/or Mac as well.

Best of all: it's one-touch photo editing!

Note: All four photos were shot @ the Jarvis-Ocampo wedding reception and processed in CameraBag.


congrats, ben and britney

Best wishes to newlyweds Britney and Ben Ocampo, married Jan. 9 in the STL! Here's a preview of some of the images captured on their big day ... Photographing this young couple was a blast; every married couple deserves a reception as fun as theirs! (UPDATE! See a video/slide show of Ben and Britney's big day HERE.)

Special thanks go out to the Drury Plaza Hotel and the Marriott STL West: Your employees bent over backwards to accomodate our shoot and make us feel at home.


the next big thing

Talk about a funny little guy, this little man was a riot to watch and photograph. Mom and Dad said he'd been having a bad day up until this point, but you certainly would never have known it from his smiles!

[Mostly shot with Canon 70-200 f/4 with three Alien Bees lighting the room.]


delayed reaction

Title translation: it's been a little too long since the last post. And, you know, that seems to be a growing theme on the other blogs we follow. There have been lots of, "I promise to be better"s and "Sorry--no excuse"s ... Here we are saying the same. But we're back with a promise of at least three posts this week, starting with Baby G, born New Year's Day! Welcome to the world, little man; sorry it's so cold here in St. Louis -- Promise it's not always like this :)

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