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Such a serious look! Pretty sure she must have been in a daze still after her hair styling session a la Aunt Becca. As with most of our recent posts, this was shot with a 50mm 1.8, 400 ISO, flash fired, 1/200 second. Converted to b/w using Picasa 3.


june bug hawaiianized

Need we even say a word? Baby June is not Baby June any longer. Man, we love those eyes n' curls! This photo was shot with a Canon 50mm 1.8, 500 ISO, no flash (shot at dusk). Custom color treatment done in Lightroom.


maui wowee

A wedding ... a wonderful occasion to get together as family. A destination wedding ... an even better reason to get together as family. Our sister Andrea and her fiance chose beautiful Hawai'i for their union. Many photos are taken on the Ritz Carlton Kapalua property and beaches. To view other photos of the day's events, visit our Picasa album. Since we were not part of the Ritz wedding package (which included two photographers), we had a lot of down time while the hirelings did their work. So in this album you are guaranteed to find plenty of cute pics of our lovely nieces as well.



'Tis the season... the season of newborns in our ward at church. Mom wanted some pix of Baby Sam "while he's still all smushy," so on Saturday morning we obliged. I learned something important that day: when you're shooting with a fixed focal length (Canon 50mm), make sure you have room to move forward and back.


M2 and the wee tykes

What originated as a family photo shoot for a Christmas card ... transpired to a funny post Halloween costume parade (and the pink futon has a story all of its own)! Natalie and Julia were good sports through it all. These girls are very near and dear to our hearts and we think they are just so adorable! To view the entire shoot, visit our Picasa album. To view the distributor of the cute hair accessories the girls are fashioning, check out What Matters Most (and yes, they are for sale!). The above photo was lighted with two Alien Bees 400's.


November 1 and 72 degrees

Just when we thought we couldn't get luckier, November rolled in last Saturday at a welcomed 72 degrees. Needless to say, we had to take advantage of it with Shane, Sharla, and the gang. Our favorite shack is back! See more from the shoot at our public Picasa album.
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