Move Aside, Oscar

Who needs the Oscar red carpet? This one was way more fun. The album is live -- so now you can see the rest of the photos from Thursday night's Missouri River Ward New Beginnings. Also, for those interested here locally, our newest blog "http://moriverauction.blogspot.com" -- dedicated to the upcoming Missouri River Ward service auction -- is up and running, too. Add it to your blog list, share it with your friends (and invite them to come!), and check back regularly for the inside scoop.


a new beginning

The Young Women of our ward put on a great evening extravaganza last night at church -- and they invited us to play the part of the "official paparazzi." What a cool (and uplifting) gig for us and the entire crew involved... Plus, the cupcakes were dang tasty (and that's what matters most, right?).


Global Sunrise

What makes sunrises so awesome is that not every day are they, well, so awesome. But these two were: one in Hawaii and the other in Uruguay. Where will the next one be? If you could choose (and money were no object), where would you go to see the sun rise?


limited time offer

For another week, our favorite 150+ photos from South America will be available for viewing at SmugMug (benjaminammon.smugmug.com). The photos are a compilation of work from Beck, my dad, and me. At the end of next week, the photos/account will self-destruct. Check out penguins, ice, mountains, really cool people, landscapes, and other interesting wildlife!


Yogis without borders

Some may know that I work for Clifford the Big Red Dog. Clifford got a postcard today from the Front Range, signed with love from Za, a former Cliffordite. She and Josh have begun their journey. This post is a tribute to their mission: to unite individuals across the globe through the study and sharing of all forms of yoga. First stop: Ft. Collins, Colo. Last stop: New Zealand. Time Frame: One Year. We love and miss you guys - we are excited to live vicariously through your travels.


Photo of the Day

No real compelling information to share here - just a photo shot some time ago to depict depression. Just found it as I was going through my files...


Colors of S.A.

Uh oh. The rules have been broken. Normally pix like these ones, which Bex shot in Santiago, Chile, would go on our travelog, but I was compelled to show these off because of the exceptional color captured on our 30D. Dodging and burning helped tweak the first two, the 3rd and 4th are unedited, and the 5th was treated the same as our water and penguin shots on an earlier post.


Early Retirement

I wish we could retire at age 30. I'd pack up everything (don't fret, Khloe, I'd take you too) and travel the world by boat, by plane, by train, whatever. As we look through our photos from Guatemala and, more recently, South America, I am in awe of the beauty of it all: the landscapes, as shown on our travel pages and on our Photoworkshop page, and the people, shown in this post. It's something I wish everyone could experience. Amazing.


Super Bowl Ads

this is a break from the norm, but after watching and ranking 3 hrs. of commercials tonight, we decided it would be appropriate to share the Munson Ratings results (over to the left)... Go ahead, comment with your favorite... IT'S OKAY TO DISAGREE. :)
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