two point oh?!

It's been busy around here. So, like a few days ago, I again decided we needed to do a little something different for today's post to keep things interesting and new. So? Tonight? A little extra color, a little more light.
I'm pleased with the changeup. It's not a regime change. Not a perm. Not something for every photo. But a few per shoot? An occasional curve ball? Sure. Why not? And so it is. Photography by us, 2.0.


joey carlo

Our last post of the weekend brings us to St. Charles-area high school senior Joey C. Now, there's a lot we could say about Joey that would help paint you a picture of him: He's tall. He's handsome. He's a three-sport athlete. Clearly got a bright future ahead of him (although some details have yet to be ironed out). But the best way to help you understand a little more about Joey is to divulge a little secret about his shoot...

Early. Saturday. Football season. Not exactly "big" on the whole senior pictures "thing." But his mom was. And there's a lot of good to be said about a young man who wants to do what makes Mom smile, like Joey.

And here's another little secret: (We could be wrong), but we think, in the end, that Joey kinda' enjoyed his Saturday morning out with us and Mom.

sweet P

The most exciting moment of a newborn baby shoot is when your modeling rookie falls deep asleep. Because when they do, good things happen! Re-meet Baby Peyton, pictured here at a whopping 68 hours old...


shoot for yourself

Every photographer, every once in a while, simply has to shoot just for himself. You know: break away from the routine and shoot something extra special, something that has a particular significance to the person behind the camera -- be it mountains, flowers, a sunset, wildlife, sports, fireworks, or in today's case, a new addition to the family.

When you do, try something new. For us, today: No frills. No extra lights. No big bag of lenses. Just plain and simple. Think. Point. Shoot... With that all being said, we proudly present our new friend and niece, Peyton. Shot at various ISO levels, all with our Canon 5DII and trusty 50mm f/1.8.

Ben's favorite shot? The one smack dab in the middle: 'Dre enjoying but one of many congratulatory phone calls. This one, I believe, was from the Quinneys. Correction! It was from the Fishes. Or is that Fishs?


Melts. Hearts.

Words? Not tonight; not with those eyes. Settings? Of course. Photo 1: 120mm, f/6 + 2 strobes. Photo 2: 50mm, f/1.8. Photo 3: 70mm, f/8 + 1 strobe.


Rachel: Black n' Whites

About these images of our beautiful friend and high school senior, Rachel...
Photo 1: 40mm @ f/4.5. Photo 2: 25mm @ f/8. Photo 3: 125mm @ f/4. Photo 4: 50mm @ f/3.5. Today's b/w post inspired by our awesome friend Katie. (Converted to b/w in Lightroom.)


Colby Rasmus, The Arch and lots of color

It's been an interesting week in St. Louis, with the Cardinals suffering down the stretch and the media stirring up dirt between second-year centerfielder Colby Rasmus and club management... (Good ol' sports reporters.) That being said, just wanted to share, visually, what we've been working on recently. Love the blue sky at the Arch in Downtown St. Louis (but wish it wasn't so busy that morning on the steps!!!) and the vibrant red at Busch Stadium (shot on the field, thanks to Creve Coeur Camera Day at the Ballpark).
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