alexa in the park

Meet Alexa of St. Charles, the stunning 18-year-old high school senior and college nursing-student-to-be. We love this shot -- made in less-than-ideal conditions, with the bright sun beaming overhead in Forest Park. Alexa fought through it, and it paid off. She's the picture of why we love senior photos!


beautiful, belated, bernardy

Life can be funny. Sometimes, the faster you try to move, the slower you end up moving. We've been trying to sit down, edit and post a number of images for a few weeks, but something always gets in the way. Let's see if we can change that this week!


Just starting the edits ...

But we are lovin' our shots from Forest Park last weekend of two Eureka Wildcats. Here's a quick glimpse of high school seniors, Connor and Matt. More to come!


the full shot, as promised

... Here's that shot of Brianna -- the full-length, almost SOOC (minor color correction in Lightroom).

bricks and blocks and brianna

About the photo: Shot at 1/40 sec., f/2.0, ISO 400 at 85mm with a Canon 5DII. Texture and tone added in Photoshop CS5. Loved the original, which we'll post next...
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