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Working on some editing. Came across this great expression. Desaturated some in Lightroom. Added texture in CS3. Posted to blog. Made recommendation: Don't lose that smile, Katie!


I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always

... as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.
A classic Robert Munsch story. How true a line that is for Baby Girl M, due in November to Valerie and David. We all are anxiously awaiting her debut appearance (and thought we had better get her used to some lights). Heaven knows the camera won't stop flashing once she arrives.


South D'Kota, Dontcha'no

So I just got back from South Dakota, and I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with Sioux Falls. Yeah, the SculptureWalk was decent, as was Minervas, and the few city blocks within walking distance of the hotel were lively at night. But all in all, it was kinda' dull. Not exactly the town to live out your days... Sorry.

However... After looking through the (very few) pictures that I shot while I was there this week, I'll admit that SFSD regained a few cool points. I feel compelled to mention they look a whole lot better on screen than they did in real life. Again, sorry to the visitors and convention bureau (just telling it like it is)...

All seven of the above photos were taken at the Falls -- right in the heart of the city -- shortly before and after sunrise on Sunday, Sept. 20. Pay close attention to the bottom/right image and check out the medium-sized duck in the water right above the white rocks. Wish I would have had a longer lens (needed more than my 70-200...), but it was still cool to see him? it? her? swimming around and fighting the steady current. Determined little bird.


it got a little late

So, here's the unannounced part II of yesterday's post. (It got late during our upload last night, and the interGoogle was playing the oh-so-fun Let's Go as Slow as Possible Game.) I think my favorite is the bottom right image. Pretty fun.


... and one on the way.

"To the one we love so much, we cannot wait to feel your touch. To hear your laughs, to see your smiles, will help us through the many miles..."


oh, baby

Today was Valerie's shower for her sweet baby girl due in November (only 62 days to go!!). Jen drove over (down?) from Columbus to chair the event (and bring her fabulous secret ingredient cupcakes!) and I offered up my house (and some home cookin' grub).

What is better than babies, friends and food? Speaking of babies ... Stay tuned for pictures of our latest maternity shoot with Chastity, John and Ava. We're just finishing the final edits!


sharp dressed man

Man, what a handsome high-schooler. Good luck in your senior year!


and love, true love, will follow you forever

Thanks, weird old clergy guy from The Princess Bride for the quote. And thanks, Katie & Dave, for venturing out last evening to take photos with us of Cameron Hendricks (another post in the works...) in the park. This gorgeous picture of Mom and son, I feel, really captures the essence of that Princess Bride quote. Great shot, Beck.


as promised... and we hope it was worth the wait

Top to bottom, left to right: proof that you can get amazing results from a huge range of lighting scenarios with a little patience and selection of the right lenses. If you're interested in the numbers... #1: f/4 @ 400 ISO, 70-200 lens; #2: f/4 @ 1000 ISO, 70-200 lens; #s 3 and 5: f/4.5 @ 100 ISO with a studio light, 17-40 lens; #4: f/4.5 @ 100 ISO with a studio light, 70-200 lens; #6: f/4 @ 100 ISO, 70-200 lens; #7: f/4 @ 400 ISO, 70-200 lens; #8: f/9 @ 100 with a studio light, 70-200 lens; #9: f/4 @ 1600 ISO, 50mm lens; #10: f/4 @ 100 ISO, 17-40 lens; #11: f/2 @ 400 ISO, 50mm lens; and #12: f/4 @ 100 ISO, 70-200 lens. (No flash used, except as noted.)

Thanks to Pasadena, Venice Beach, and a family we love! Up next: we have got to do a mini-shoot of our growing-up-all-too-fast niece Aubrey! Stay tuned... (But while you wait, check out our travel blog, where we have a few more pictures on display from the trip!)
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