life passes us by so fast

The weekend flew by, but it was fun nonetheless. Included in our festivities was The Taste of St. Louis (on our trip downtown for the penultimate Cards game), which won over these poor souls with a pile of spicy yellow chicken, white rice, and some darn good ice cream from Blue Sky Creamery. No pictures were harmed by Photoshop during the development of this product. You can also see it at the Post-Dispatch site.


Men rescue 66-year-old from river

A joy ride turned into a rescue mission Tuesday evening in O'Fallon.

Kendall Smith, 22, of Wentzville and Jason Gjere, 18, of St. Paul were riding all-terrain vehicles when they spotted something floating in floodwater that covered Firma Road.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike sent torrential rains and high wind through the area last weekend, causing flash flooding."We thought it was a log or something and then I saw it waving - it was kind of freaky," Smith said.


under a neon sky

The Canal Park area in Duluth, Minn., has more neon signs in one small stretch than any other place I've been (except Vegas, which doesn't count IMO). Hope you enjoy the different look than you'd get if you were just standing there in person... For info about neon and LED signs, ask Joe.


Silver Silver

So I'm not quite sure what, how or where their name AgSilver comes from, but that's irrelevant. The band, straight out of Somewhere, Mich., came to St. Charles Community College for a couple of free mini-shows earlier this month. Despite not knowing much, if anything, about them, I enjoyed their music. Check 'em out at myspace.com/agsilver. I guess I will too. :)


Rain delay? Not today...

Got up. Groaned because it was raining 20 minutes before our scheduled shoot time. Decided to tough it out. Ended up to be an amazing day for pix in the park. Lesson learned: shoot no matter what. It's more fun that way anyway.


Frustrated with web color...

So, not quite sure why all of a sudden my pictures are showing up semi-desaturated once they go online. It's not rocket science, and I should be able to figure it out myself. But alas, I cannot... This Mini was a vibrant, rich red in real life, not brick burnt who-knows-what-shade-it-is red.  UPDATE! I figured out what I was doing wrong. I shoot in Adobe RGB mode, while most cameras are set for sRGB (some fotogs call it stupidRGB because of how it ends up in print). But I guess lately I was forgetting to make the Photoshop conversion to RGB so it shows up correctly on the web. Whew. I'm not crazy.


Zoom Zoom Zoom (Sorry, Mazda)

Nothing flashy here for today's pic. Ran outside to see the moon, and, lo and behold, caught a glimpse of a cool blue sky as my neighbor cruised by (faster than 25 mph...speeder).


Le Tour de Missourah

Today was fun. After running around town on SCC hockey business and what not, I made it to my pre-determined shooting spot for the Tour of Missouri (pronounced 'Missourah' of course). I have been waiting a year for the return of the race (http:www.tourofmissouri.com), which I sadly missed last year. Fingers crossed that it comes back again soon... UPDATE: You can also see the the group of cars photo at STLToday (As of 9:45 a.m. Sunday, it's the 'Featured Reader Photo' on the home page).


picture of the day

Nothing much to say, just thought we'd display a shot of Tyler from a couple months ago, this time treated in PS with an interesting texture.
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