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The holidays slowed us down a bit... Very few posts, let alone photos, of late. But as promised, here's a quick follow-up post from last week's wedding of Za and Josh. As always, check out our public Picasa gallery for the whole album...


winter solstice

Last weekend we attended a beautiful ceremony for one of my good friends, Za. She and her new husband, Josh were both magnificently beautiful. Pere Marquette, Ill. also was beautiful. What a way to bring in the winter. Stay tuned for more photo posts and a link to our Picasa album of the whole shoot. Above photo taken by bam, lit with one Alien Bee to the right of the photo, ISO 125, f6.3.


photos of the day

Burrrrrr... It's cold in St. Louie; thank goodness for coats and car heaters. But the chilly air wasn't about to stop us from heading out to Forest Park for an engagement shoot this morning. It never broke the 36 degree mark, but Karl and Cherise were troopers and stuck it out. (Beck was a good sport, too.) As always, the rest can be seen in our Picasa album. PS, Happy holidays. This will be one of our last posts before Christmas!



Some random people were walking by with their dog, so we asked them if they wanted their picture taken. They looked cold anyway, and it's the holidays. We're nice like that.

Somber? Nope.

We've chosen these two pix to post because of the mood they evoke. Something interesting about how dark they are (and yet they still portray a happy aura)... Both shot with one 800 w/s Alien Bee at medium power. Click here, and watch the slideshow of all the images from Saturday afternoon (we recommend viewing it this way because of the black background).


red, green, and yellow?

With the help of Lightroom and Photoshop ... we turned one of our recent "discards" into a pretty cool, smoky silhouette. We used Lightroom to change the color initially, and create the dramatic contrast and Photoshop to import a couple custom textures and filters to give it its "weathered" look and create the duplicate color copies. Photo taken by bam.


just kidding around

We promised more pix from the Williams family shoot, and who are we to disappoint? The first of the three photos here (blm) was a bit of an accident turned into something cool. We were a bit on the overkill side when it comes to lighting, but it really brought out the twinkle in Ainsley's eyes, even though we stripped it of almost all color. Photo #2 (blm) was shot more traditional-style, with a softbox stage left and an open bulb aimed at the ceiling to the right of the frame... Camera set to 1oo ISO, of course. Ahhh...what a couple of funny kids. Picture 3 (bam) was shot with the on-camera flash and our 50mm lens at a 1600 ISO. This was a hard shot to get since I was trying to get Porter to look at one hand whilst holding the camera with the other hand, and the real problem coming because, at f/1.8, it's hard to find a focal point (three or four completely missed the mark) in low light. Want to see more? Visit our online Picasa album for the entire shoot.


'tis the season

It's December, which makes Christmas right around the corner. Time for goofy pictures of goofy things to remember the fun times... you are only almost two at Christmas once in your life. The photo above is our home teacher, Chant, and his beautiful daughter, Ainsley. It was shot with one umbrella (left side of frame), 200 ISO and 24mm zoom. We shot their family Christmas photos last night with our portable studio.
More photos to come...
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