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Mysterious. Mischievous. Mohawks. And, of course, mustaches. And with an eyebrow and mini-mustache like this one, Lincoln just had to lead out tonight's post, followed by beautiful Amber and her beautiful crew.
About the photos: 1) 85mm, f/1.6, 1/40, 100 ISO. 2) 85mm, f/1.6, 1/100, 100 ISO


memorial day weekend @ dardenne cemetery

On Saturday, my dad and I stumbled through the weeds and thorns in search of Dardenne Cemetery.
I'm not exactly sure why we went, honestly, except that sometimes it's fun just to get out and explore -- in Utah, South America, or your own backyard... What's most interesting and intriguing about this cemetery is its age and its remote location just west of the lakes in August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area (aka Busch Wildlife). I don't know much about the cemetery, but Kent goes into it a little more on his photo blog.
This is one of my favorites from the adventure... I love how time has aged the ground and grave markers -- how the family headstones lean in toward each other.
I'm posting a few more of my other photos from Saturday on my facebook profile. Y'know. If you're interested.
About the photo: f/2.8, 1/20, 100mm.

tierra's mini-session

Photo sessions. Sometimes you need just a handful of shots -- 10-12 images for Facebook, family and friends -- and a 45-minute mini-session achieves just that. Take Tierra, for example, who just wanted to experience a professional photo session for her Sweet 16 (Happy birthday, Tierra!).

Like for her 16th birthday, practically every image we create is in celebration of some milestone... a newborn baby, a high school senior, a first-ever family photo. It's always cool to take a step back and remember that the photos we make are not only important now but also fun, valuable pieces of history 10, 50, or even 100 years from now.

Lenses used: 50mm f/1.8; 17-40mm f/4


from this day forth: daniel & tunga

Who doesn't love a good wedding? We sure do, and working with D & T was more fun and less work -- for us. Early in 2012, Daniel and Tunga came to us on their own, bound and determined to take care of the major wedding plans by themselves. Having both taken somewhat of a back seat to the planning process of our own wedding in 2004, we quickly gained a lot of respect and admiration for this lively match made in heaven (aka BYU). They pulled it off, and a big thumbs up to the one who pushed for the purple.

You'd have thought they contacted the groundskeepers at the St. Louis Temple and requested purple flowers be planted for their big day. They were everywhere! (The macro of the petals taken by our handy assistant Marlie looks more pink than they really were.)

Lenses used: 50mm f/1.8; 85mm f/1.4; 17-40mm f/4; 100mm f/2.8 macro


words to live by ...

... Don't mess with Texas, don't spit into the wind, and watch out for Lord Capulet. Romeo and Juliet (for Kids), directed by the talented Erin Rodabough, March 2012.
100mm, f/4.5, 1/80, one external flash

cross-processing fun

Just having a little cross-processing fun in Lightroom, we call this blending mix "Collegiate" (although I'm really not sure why we named it that when we did!). Here are a few of the custom color settings that make up this look: Temperature: 4738; Tint: +64; Saturation: -36; Highlights: 59/90; and Shadows: 326/24. Becca started creating this image at 50mm, f/4.


pretty in purple

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