a long time coming

We've been waiting a long time to meet back up with Ally to take her senior photos. We first met her what seems like forever ago (it was in April) and were excited when we got the call in August to go work with her again. Here's a look at some of her photos from Quail Ridge Park:


black and white and us

Few words. Just a picture, some technical details and my opinion.

This photo was taken in the town of Washington under cloudy skies and a threat of rain, but even diffused lighting = a portrait photographer's dream, right? My favorite aspect about this photo and the reason I chose to post it are the way the light and shadows play out, especially in the back slats of the metal swing. It was a somewhat serendipitous result of trying to adequately light Brittany's face on the left.
400 ISO. f/7.1. 1/125. 85mm.

ally and our favorite field.

Took our favorite flowery field and stripped it of color -- a reminder of what will soon become of that little roadside patch of gold as the cold moves in and the trees go from green to red...

Color or no color, isn't Ally beautiful? We absolutely loved working with her -- such a fun, warm person.


someone with whom you can think out loud...

... That's the definition of a good friend.
Friends Kyle and Meggie of Eureka High were tentatively scheduled to have a few photos taken together last week. Unfortunately, work and weather got in the way -- so it only makes sense that we post their photos together to make up for it!

We couldn't be more grateful to the family friend of Kyle and Meggie who invited us to use their gorgeous property as a backdrop. The tire swing photo was made just outside their beautiful home... Looks like something out of a fairy tale, we think.

All five photos were shot with one off-camera Alien Bees B800 studio light.


eureka, that's a beautiful reflection.

Photo tip #1: If something catches your eye and you think, "Hmmm. That could make an interesting photograph..." then stop and make it happen. Even a dusty store window like this one in Eureka has potential.

Of course, it helps when you've got a beautiful person like Meggie to photograph.
*Technical specs: 100mm, f/3.5, 1/100, ISO 320.

have your cake.

Maybe next year you'll eat it, too. Baby P gave it a shot. Maybe this whole birthday celebration thing just isn't for her. Maybe she's got more of Uncle Ben's blood in her than previously thought. :)

Wait! Here are a few more pictures from Peyton's first birthday party:

The sunset shot was not edited in Photoshop, Lightroom or anything else.

Hailey Rae

This has been a week of firsts. And by firsts, we mean first birthdays. First it was Nora, then Gage, our very own Peyton was next, and now it's Hailey Rae's turn. A year later, it's still hard to believe that four friends, including Ben's sister, had babies in four consecutive days last September. But it happened. Sept 20th-23rd.


happy first, peyton.

She's growing up! Our youngest niece, who turns 1 today, has gone from this, to this, to this:

Happy birthday, little friend. Happy, happy birthday.


"i love my mom." we love this spot.

We're in love with a new spot on the map. It's a seemingly random patch of golden wildflowers along the interstate en route to our favorite park... Just add a splash of end-of-summer evening sun and a kiss of off-camera flash, and here's what you get:

playing catch-up

... Speaking of busy, this fall has been just that. Becca's got a seemingly never-ending stack of books to read. Ben's got a constant stream of photo collections to edit. That comes off negative. It's anything but. We're busy. And enjoying it.

Remember to love life. We sure do.
* Technical Specs: 1) 1/40, f/4, 85mm, ISO 200. 2) 1/160, f/3.2, 50mm, ISO 200. 3) 1/100, f/7.1, 85mm, ISO 200. 4) 1/125, 85mm, f/6.3, ISO 800


For the Love: the Wilson fam

When we get caught up in the busyness of our lives and become immersed in the thick of thin things, we run the risk of missing out on the joy in life. Seriously.
In May, we decided to help organize a fundraiser to benefit the young men and women of our church. Our goal was to donate our talents to something bigger and better than us, something that would serve a greater cause. We would encourage others to purchase a mini photo shoot for themselves or for a deserving friend or neighbor. Every dollar donated would go to help pay for the youths' summer camps.
We met our goal. On Sept. 10, with the help of some very good friends, we carried out the major part of our fundraiser event, which we called For the Love. In the days leading up to it and over the course of some days afterward, we have been working to finish the project (because not everyone who was invited to participate could join us on the 10th). We're not done yet but expect to be within the next 15 days.
After fighting off a string of bad weather, we moved one step closer this week when we met up with the Wilson Family on the St. Louis Temple grounds. Here's a look at some of their family's photos:

Several years ago, we started making photos of others because we had newborn nieces joining the family. We did it because others asked us to do it. We did it because we wanted to improve our own skills. And we did it because we realized how much we love to do it.
For the Love 2011 has helped us remember why we do what we do. Why we started. Why we'll continue.


Handsome 'lil L.C.H.

This sweet guy is celebrating his six-month birthday today. We just couldn't let this happy milestone pass without posting a couple pics from this past weekend! You might remember this beautiful boy from here or here. Happy Birthday Mister H!


happy birthday, maddie!

It's been a while since we have gone to a surprise party. That streak ended this weekend with Maddie's 17th birthday celebration, where we got the opp to set up shop for Maddie 'n' friends and go to work behind the camera. Here are just a few of our favorites from Friday night (more on Becca's Facebook):

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