A little Utah rain goes a long way

Here are a few more images created in Utah last week... Some in and around Bryce Canyon (bottom row), some in Panguitch (the balloons), some in Tropic (top middle and middle right), one in Richfield/Glendale (center), and one from a Delta Skybus (take your best guess).

Utah couldn't have been more beautiful last week. Everywhere you turned, you heard comments and news stories about the amount of rain, moisture, runoff, snow pack, snow melt, flooding, etc., in Utah. No doubt, it has had a significant impact on the scenery in parts all across the Beehive State. Yes, it's amazing what a little rain and snowfall can do to a desert.

Organizers of the 50th annual UPAA Symposium and the Munson family reunion couldn't have picked a better week to invite me out west.

*Technical details on the last image, which has absolutely nothing to do with the rain: Canon 7D, Canon 24-70mm lens (Thanks, Kristen Hines Baker!), 800 ISO, 1/160 sec., f/4.0, approx. 7:30 p.m.


Ben in Bryce (Canyon)

So excited to share some of Ben's recent images crafted in Bryce Canyon, Utah. Thanks to the University Photographer's Association of America for the trip to Dixie and the sunrise photo opportunity.

More images at facebook.com/b.a.munson.


this should be a travel blog.

Having never really defined the the criteria for what we post here vs. what gets posted in our digital travel diaries, I feel I'm breaking a rule that doesn't exist. And I guess that means it's not really a rule at all.

Still, if a photo was shot while on vacation or, frankly, anytime either of is out of town, I think it should be posted on our other page. But who knows. Maybe someday soon we'll merge the two. It'd sure make life easier. And take some of the guessing out of blogging.

We all need fewer question marks in life anyway.


Now. And Then.

Couldn't help but go back in time and pull out a picture of J&K from 2009 to include with this sneak peek at their recent Faust Park 2011 shoot... So fun to see how these two adorable siblings changed and grown since then! During this shoot, we also learned that Baby J was photographed here when he was six months old. Pretty special place, no doubt.

Love the b/w of K&J on the rocks. Don't you?


lightning crashes

It was a dark and stormy night.
Not a creature was stirring, and the dish ran away with the spoon.

I know. It doesn't make sense. But neither have the weather patterns of late.


pillow fight!

What makes you happy? For our little friend Maddox, it's Saturday mornings, siblings, and, of course, a good pillow fight!

17mm, f/7.1, 1/60 sec, ISO 400.
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