Faust Park, But Not the Butterfly House

Some (many?) of you may know of Becca's genuine distaste for butterflies. Perhaps that had something to do with her leaving town and not being able to be a part of the Cannon fam's shoot in Faust Park last weekend. Hmmm...

But we steered clear of the Butterfly House anyway (you can shoot inside, but it takes a lot of paperwork) and, instead, walked around the lake and found spots of shade under trees and used the cool, glass building as a backdrop. The collection of photos, made up of several families, is a gift for Grandma/Great-Grandma's 75th birthday. (Images that will last a lifetime -- an awesome gift idea!)

See more of their family shoot in this 3-min. video/slideshow.

Happy Decoration Day

It's Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial marker for the start of summer vacation and the weekend we salute our nation's fallen war heroes. This year, because of the wicked storms that have rocked our hometown and home state, it's also a time that we remember all those who have lost their homes, their lives and their loved ones.

It's a somber time in Missouri. May we always remember and be grateful for what we have.
Oh, and about this photo: shot at 1600 ISO, 1/60, f/3.5 from atop the library at St. Charles Community College.


You Know You're My Bestest Friend

" 'Cause you know you're perfect to me
I hold my breath just to hear you speak...
'Cause you know you're my bestest friend. "

"Thank You" performed by Ryan Huston


Craig + Marianne

If you know and love Craig and Marianne, click the pencil icon below and leave 'em a note -- after all, today's their anniversary! Happy first (month) anniversary, you two!


e . k . e .

My sweet little Emersyn,
I am not sure there are words or enough words that could even begin to describe how I feel about you. I know that sounds cliche, but it is true. I knew a long time ago you were going to be a part of our family. I have been waiting for you. I knew you before you were born. When you were finally born, it was like we had been reunited. I knew your soul, your face, your heart. It is a feeling that I will never forget, that I will never take for granted.

Even though you are just a few weeks old you have fit right into our "little" family. It feels as if you have always been here, never missing a beat. Thank you Emersyn for wanting to be apart of our family making us have an even half dozen. Even though we may have six kids, each of them have a special place in our hearts and you little miss, have stolen each one of our hearts.

I love you Emmy. More than words.
Your Mom


cuter than cute


Just the other day (it was April 27th), we sneak-previewed Baby M. Now, after a little push and pull about what to post next, here are a few more until we can decide...

(Insider news -- there's a good chance we'll share some more pix of HS senior Spencer Finnegan next. I'm working on them right now although I should really be outside mowing the lawn [Shhh. Don't tell Becca.])


time flies.

When you're watching the clock and marking the calendar, it feels like time just crawls along. Just watch the clock at the end of the school day, and wait for the bell to ring, or count the days until your next work vacation. It can be agonizing.

But step back from it all, and it becomes hard to believe where the time has gone... Just ask the parents of a 16-year-old as they hand her the car keys for the first time. Or look at the calendar right now -- it's already May! Or, in our latest example, just ask Danielle and Alan about Austin returning home after a two-year Mormon mission to Southern California. Strange feeling, isn't it? Heck, it hardly seems like it's been 18 months since Cailan stood in front of the camera for senior photos.

But it has. And, wow. Time flies.

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