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Just the other day (it was April 27th), we sneak-previewed Baby M. Now, after a little push and pull about what to post next, here are a few more until we can decide...

(Insider news -- there's a good chance we'll share some more pix of HS senior Spencer Finnegan next. I'm working on them right now although I should really be outside mowing the lawn [Shhh. Don't tell Becca.])

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Kristine Pratt said...

love the one in the cup~

Lorrie Munson said...

I love love love your baby pictures. Is this a new career path?

Beck n' Ben said...

Ahem, Kristine... Think less cup and more trendy dorm room waste basket ;) Gotta love Target! :)

Thanks, Mom. Don't know... what do you think?

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