nauvoo flash visit

Up at 5. Out the door at 6. In Nauvoo at 9. Lunch and fudge by 4. Home around 7. Quick trip? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. More pix on our travel page.

See you again in December, Nauvoo. Next time, we're bringing the fam.


why we love what we do

1: Although it can get a bit intense shooting & working side-by-side, there's real joy in spending time together. And that's whether it's once a week, once a month, or 4-5 hours in a day.

2. There's great satisfaction in hearing comments like, "This was way more enjoyable than I thought it'd be. Y'know. I mean, this shoot was a lot of fun."

Thanks, Cailan, for the feedback. Thanks, Becca, for, well, everything.

* Photos 1 & 3: 5D, 100 ISO, f/1.8-2.x. Shots 2 & 4: 30D, 320 ISO, f/4.


"beware the barrenness of a busy life"

It's been quite a week. And although it's been super-busy, it's been far from "barren." From Cailan to the Tiltons to the Chapmans to Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia, here's a snippet of what we've been working on...

Special note to Mother Nature: we could do without all the rain. The roof can't take much more.


it's never too late to celebrate

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Congratulations to Connie and Justin, who, in August, got hitched in the mountains of Colorado (which, after the Tetons, are some of the most gorgeous rocks in the USA...). Sweet idea, hosting a giant picnicue in the 'Lou this month to celebrate! Heck, we recommend a party/wedding reception every month during the first year of marriage to ALL couples! "Experts" say the first year is the hardest, so why not, right?

Anyway, to the "newlyweds": You truly make a beautiful couple. Creve Coeur Park is a beautiful place. And it's clear your fam and friends absolutely adore you.

Thanks to a good friend and co-worker for letting us be a part of it all. More sneak peaks in Picasa...


the cardinals make us sad...

... but our friends & their kids make up for it. So, here're four new photos a) in honor of good friends and b) to chase away them Dodger blues.


what's in store?

Yeah, it's been 10+ years since I left Hazelwood Central behind and headed off to college, but I still remember my senior year fairly well -- four words sum it up, I think: theater, hockey, yearbook, golf... I had everything planned out for, at least, the next 3 years, and -- as luck would have it -- most of it went according to plan. Looking back, I consider myself pretty fortunate.

And now, it's Mark's turn. Have a great senior year: Get involved. Stay focused. Keep busy. As I recall, this is the last year for a lot of things, but, then again, the first for a lot of others. So, take advantage, and have fun. As for Scott and Faith's kids, well, I pretty much don't remember anything dating back earlier than age 15. So what's in store? Not sure. But make sure to drive your parents crazy as you're figuring it out...

These are just some of the shots over the weekend. More to come.


smile, despite the rain

Last Saturday seemed to be the true beginning of fall. Fingers crossed that we get some good weather in the coming days and weeks; but even though the weather was a bit gross then (a lot gross, actually!) J & K sure were troopers!

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