give it all you've got

Yesterday, I got to watch as some friends put their training to the test and hit the water and pavement in a grueling triathlon in Wright City, Mo. In many ways, it was your ordinary intermediate triathlon: 1000 yard swim – 28 mile bike – 6 mile run. About 330 finishers. But out of the ordinary were yesterday's temps... Average June day high: about 85 degrees. Yesterday's high: 96 degrees with 85% humidity. Not exactly ideal race weather. Especially for your first-ever triathlon.

We, the spectators, sought shelter from the sun wherever we could: from the shade of a delivery truck to the shade of a portable outhouse. Nice, right? But yesterday wasn't about us. It was about them. The swimmers. The bikers. The runners. Giving it all they had without an ounce of shade. All in the name of overcoming one's self. Of desiring to achieve what seems, at times, impossible. Of health, of fitness, of accomplishment. More about yesterday's race: here. And results: here.

What difficult things are you working toward accomplishing?


Katie and Chris: 06.12.10


don't look back, a new day is breakin'

Recent Lafayette High grad, Audrey, is taking a new step in her life (and in a way, we were right there for it...) Now, there's something inherently special about photographing high school seniors, Audrey included. Little kids are fun and full of life. Married couples are beaming with excitement and love. Landscapes even have a personality that evoke certain emotions. But when we photograph seniors, it seems to spark something inside that makes us sorta' wish we were there again. Walking down "A" Hall. Hanging by the lockers. Waiting for the bell to ring. Weird, right?

Still. Guess it's best to just live for the moment. Don't look back -- a new day is breakin'. This is your life ... are you who you want to be?


congrats, josh n' kayla

We've been meaning and meaning and meaning to get this posted. (Wow, how time flies...) Congratulations, still, newlyweds :)


an abnormal day to do the normal

We got a little sidetracked on Memorial Day. Instead of grilling up some burgers with our friends Marc and Michelle, we headed up to Old St. Charles to take some photos. And we're so pleased we did. Not only did we get these beauts above, but we also shot the four photos in the prior post for the Rendezvous in St. Charles photo competition.

We love taking friends and family to Old St. Charles. There's a current ad on the radio for St. Louisans to visit Old St. Charles as a "mini-getaway." Humorous that everyone in St. Charles listens to the same stations... after all, St. Louis County is literally less than a mile away from Old Town.

But last Monday, we had a mini-getaway. Great company, decent food and pics. How better to spend a holiday?


the hardest thing to do

One of the hardest things to do in the world of photography is to step back and judge objectively from a group of images to pick just one. The one. "The one" for the album cover. "The one" for publication in the Georgia State alumni magazine. "The one" to kick off a slide show. "The one" for the empty frame on the kitchen wall (for those of you who have been to our house in the last two years, you know how big of a challenge that can be!) ... Now, it's the hunt for "the one" that we like the best for the Rendezvous St. Charles image competition.

Becca and I, without discussion, chose our favorite, (after we had already entered six in the contest)... Now we want you to chime in and help us out!

So, which is your favorite? Which best conveys the contest theme: Projection of the historic preservation? Will you spend a minute, do us a huge favor, and vote? Go to the gallery HERE and then submit your vote HERE.

And then come back and answer this question: what "tough" decisions do you face in your daily routine? How do you overcome them?
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