don't look back, a new day is breakin'

Recent Lafayette High grad, Audrey, is taking a new step in her life (and in a way, we were right there for it...) Now, there's something inherently special about photographing high school seniors, Audrey included. Little kids are fun and full of life. Married couples are beaming with excitement and love. Landscapes even have a personality that evoke certain emotions. But when we photograph seniors, it seems to spark something inside that makes us sorta' wish we were there again. Walking down "A" Hall. Hanging by the lockers. Waiting for the bell to ring. Weird, right?

Still. Guess it's best to just live for the moment. Don't look back -- a new day is breakin'. This is your life ... are you who you want to be?

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Val said...

I suppose this is where you were coming back from, hanging out of your window like a maniac? :)I'm a fan of the new watermark and the interesting effect on the last photo. What's going on there?

Beck n' Ben said...

I might resent that?!?? Worse and crazier than my hanging out said window was how big my hair was at that precise moment. Yikes. We were actually on our way home from the temple (wedding). These were taken on Monday... Thanks for noticing the special "effect" on the last photo. It's what some like to call "out of focus" :) The setting sun was coming in at a great angle, causing dramatic enough flares on the lens that it became really hard to make out the subject. Had 2 shoot 4-5 to make sure everything was in focus. Then it turned out that the one least in focus looked the most intriguing. You can see the sharpest point is actually on her hands, which were positioned just far enough in front of her to throw the rest out of focus and yet close enough so as to not ruin the shot. Whew. That wins for long response, eh?

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