the hardest thing to do

One of the hardest things to do in the world of photography is to step back and judge objectively from a group of images to pick just one. The one. "The one" for the album cover. "The one" for publication in the Georgia State alumni magazine. "The one" to kick off a slide show. "The one" for the empty frame on the kitchen wall (for those of you who have been to our house in the last two years, you know how big of a challenge that can be!) ... Now, it's the hunt for "the one" that we like the best for the Rendezvous St. Charles image competition.

Becca and I, without discussion, chose our favorite, (after we had already entered six in the contest)... Now we want you to chime in and help us out!

So, which is your favorite? Which best conveys the contest theme: Projection of the historic preservation? Will you spend a minute, do us a huge favor, and vote? Go to the gallery HERE and then submit your vote HERE.

And then come back and answer this question: what "tough" decisions do you face in your daily routine? How do you overcome them?

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Crystal and Billy said...

I voted for BenMunson-2010-1: the one that says historic on it. Very nice. The kids with the ice cream is cool, too.

Tough decisions....what to eat. Whether to exercise. Yes.

Tara said...

My favorite is the one with the little girls! I voted.

I'm home with the kiddos so my decisions are 1)cook or take out? 2) hulu or clean? 3) pajamas or get the kids dressed or just diapers. I live an exciting life ;).

But seriously, when making tough decisions it helps me to have priorities or a goal in mind. If I know what I am focused on for the day, it is easier to stay on talk and get things done.

Erica said...


I like image #4! Good luck!!

tough decision - making it through the day without a major break down (on my part)

how I overcome - diet coke

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