it's delivery day

Today is a good day. It's a catch-up day, in that we're finally getting caught up with a lot of open-ended projects that we've got going. Lots of photos. Lots of cleaning. Lots of volunteering. Not that anything is ending, per se. Just a few things done today that weren't done yesterday -- and that's a great feeling. On the photo front, three shoots are wrapped and ready for delivery:

Photo 1: Canon 50mm, window light. Photo 2: Canon 70-200mm, natural outdoors. Photo 3: Canon 70-200, mixed sources (natural in shade and studio).

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Relax. It's just life.

"Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about." ~Oscar Wilde

But you don't have to tell that to the Williams kiddos. What a fun-loving fam!
And an extra-special thanks to our good friend, Marlie Hoyt, who shot the beautiful family photo on the right. Love the curve of the hill and the way the sun is just itching to get in the shot!


working for the weekend | family and senior portraits around the STL

Five shoots. One weekend. 15 sneak peeks. (Phew.)

More to come soon Williams, Wilsons, Wilsons, Meiers, and Ashmans!


four thousand words


plagiarizing? you betcha.

Without an ounce of attribution, :) these are just some of the oh-so-accurate words that have been used to describe our new little friend, Hailey Rae: "She's gorgeous!" "She is just beautiful." "The baby is so adorable!" "That's a Jake face... but way cuter." "Tooo cute!!!" "What a beautiful tiny angel!" "So sweet!" "Our Little Princess." Yes, she is. Congratulations on your beautiful, precious baby girl, Jake & Michaela.
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