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Every photographer, every once in a while, simply has to shoot just for himself. You know: break away from the routine and shoot something extra special, something that has a particular significance to the person behind the camera -- be it mountains, flowers, a sunset, wildlife, sports, fireworks, or in today's case, a new addition to the family.

When you do, try something new. For us, today: No frills. No extra lights. No big bag of lenses. Just plain and simple. Think. Point. Shoot... With that all being said, we proudly present our new friend and niece, Peyton. Shot at various ISO levels, all with our Canon 5DII and trusty 50mm f/1.8.

Ben's favorite shot? The one smack dab in the middle: 'Dre enjoying but one of many congratulatory phone calls. This one, I believe, was from the Quinneys. Correction! It was from the Fishes. Or is that Fishs?

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Kara and Chant said...

Those are amazing! She is beautiful! (My favorite is the one in the middle too.)

Sheri said...

These pictures are great! Congratulations on the new neice.
I was also wondering how you put the pictures next to each other on this post?

Beck n' Ben said...

Thanks! Sheri, the layout is determined, somewhat, by the blog design and coding. Beyond that, however, we have a set size we make each photo in the edit/post mode, and then we drag each image side by side and then insert a space between each photo to finish it off. Blogger has a new editing mode, have you tried it yet? We're hesitant, but just because we feel like we've gotten this version under our belts :)

Sheri said...

Thanks for the help! I was laying it out right in my blog post and it would show up like I wanted in the preview section, but when it posted to my blog it would still go one photo per line. But I looked in the html and found the problem. The img display was set to "block" rather than "inline". But that one little change fixed it all!
I'm not sure on the new editing mode, I've had this one for the past couple years, since I restarted my blog. And that took long enough to get used to after the older versions that I had when I was in high school. Maybe some day I'll try it out.

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