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We create our art outside the studio, meaning that a trip across the street or across town to make stunning images is what we do. We live in O'Fallon, so the majority of our shoots happen in St. Charles County or Chesterfield (and that's where you'll get the best rate), but that's never stopped us from scheduling sessions in Eureka, Downtown St. Louis, Arnold and everywhere in-between. Before booking, consider these three common questions:

What's in it for me? 
A great experience and great pictures, for starters, shot by award-winning photographers Becca and Ben Munson. Some sessions last 45 minutes. Some an hour. Sometimes it may last 90 or 120 minutes or longer. And as far as after the shoot, what you take away, that’s up to you ... Some clients want canvas or metal prints. Some want an album. Or, simply, a CD. Your images, your call.

What can I expect to pay? 
Pricing varies per shoot, but in short, you can expect to spend $185-500 per photo session, including standard post-production editing and, yes, your photos on disc. $15/hour for special retouching. $15 for travel outside St. Charles County or Chesterfield. $5-10 packaging and shipping charges, where applicable. The average cost per full portrait session is $315.

How soon can I access my images? 
The best things in life can take time -- especially since we don't do this full time. Not only do we both work "traditional 9-to-5 jobs," but we're also both very involved in service activities, church, family and volunteer organizations. Since slow and steady wins the race, normal delivery time for all non-event photography is 14-21 days (but much depends on the length of your shoot and the amount of post-process editing required to achieve the look you want). Can't wait that long? The first peek of your session should appear on our blog within 3-5 days.

Want a more detailed pricing brochure? Write us at And once you've decided our style is right for you, email, call 636.544.3935, or text 636.448.4133.

We typically schedule 6-8 weeks in advance for sessions in September-November and March-May. During all other times, 10 days advance notice is typical.

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