Her fleece was white as snow

No animals were harmed in the creation of this photo, and, no, that's not Kool-aid. Dog-sitting Brooklyn, an 8lb Maltese, was a lot of fun. But the best part was convincing her to model for a 20-minute shoot.


Light Mixin' & Environmental Portraiture

Mixing light temps can be a bit tricky, especially for your camera. But this foray into a four-light-source set-up worked out well (fluorescent overheads, sunlight through tinted windows, hot lights behind the subject, and one studio flash). We got a bunch of good ones of Erin, talented artist and all-around-good-intern, but this shot was my fave -- the result of not even looking through the viewfinder.


Just a couple more

Three months is far too long to be apart from this cute girl. The star of the hair, June, my 20-month-old l.a. girl.

Feels Like Home

Forgive us, our blog is a little out of order. Before the reunion, Khloe and I packed up for a cross country trip in our wee Mazda 3. In Cheyenne, Wy. my sweet cousin Kristine and her husband Paul were a welcomed site after 12+ hours of driving. Paul is air force so I even got to stay on base - Neato! Day two wasn't quite the drive, only 7+ hours, and the beautiful mountains made every hour worth it. Rexburg, Id. was our final destination to visit the 'rents. My brother, Brian, was also in town for the week - making the trip dually cool. Got to see some old friends, eat some good ole hometown food (Fong's egg roll's anyone?) and even hit a trip up to Jackson Hole, Wy. just like old times with the fam.



Sorry, it's been a few days. Today's four photos come from the recent family reunion and 90th birthday celebration honoring Lillian Munson in (and around) Provo, Utah. If you'd like to see the whole batch, e-mail Becca or me and we'll getcha' the album link.
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