Feels Like Home

Forgive us, our blog is a little out of order. Before the reunion, Khloe and I packed up for a cross country trip in our wee Mazda 3. In Cheyenne, Wy. my sweet cousin Kristine and her husband Paul were a welcomed site after 12+ hours of driving. Paul is air force so I even got to stay on base - Neato! Day two wasn't quite the drive, only 7+ hours, and the beautiful mountains made every hour worth it. Rexburg, Id. was our final destination to visit the 'rents. My brother, Brian, was also in town for the week - making the trip dually cool. Got to see some old friends, eat some good ole hometown food (Fong's egg roll's anyone?) and even hit a trip up to Jackson Hole, Wy. just like old times with the fam.

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