just in the nick of time

Okay, so it's been a while since we last posted. That's partly because we've been updating our PHOTOWORKSHOP site over the past 10 days, and it's been a little time-consuming, and partly due to laziness? Something... Anyway... Time to make up for the absence.

Eight photos to share today, all shot today -- thankfully, a few short hours after the rains ceased and a few hours before the temperatures flat-out plummeted. (Speaking of, just got back from a midnight run for which I was well under-dressed. Brrr. But tomorrow's Thanksgiving, so chilliness is fair. Unwelcome, but fair.)

Five of the eight images below were captured with our 70-200 f/4 L lens, while the other three were shot through a 50mm f/1.8. All were taken with our trusty 5D (love the camera, despise the strangely heavy shutter button). Enjoy!


there's strength in numbers

Life's better with friends. Agreed? S'no doubt these funny, adorable kids will always have a friend (and family member) to make life sweet.


hello, hoyt

This is irrelevant to the post, but it's Tuesday: release day for new music. And what's new on shelves and iTunes today? Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot. Just thought I'd share, since today's photo of the day headline reminded me of it.

Here are the latest, all shot with our Canon 50mm, at varying apertures of course.


photos a la carte

With all that's been going on around here, it's been next to impossible to find a moment to post. But we're back in the game with 16 new photos taken over the last two weeks (methinks this ties a record...).

For the record, I don't like cropping to a square, but it's by far the easiest way to lay out the blog (not a good excuse, I know)... Besides, why give away the whole shot, right? However, if anyone out there knows how to code our blog so thumbnails show up as square but clicking on them shows the entire shot, PLEASE share!

Some of these photos were taken with our new fluorescent studio lighting, while some were shot without any artificial light at all. Can you tell which ones?

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