saturday is a special day

Ahhh...the weekend. A time to kick back, rest, and do generally nothing. Well, except today. It's been like this: 1:00 a.m., arrive home from the movies. 4:00 a.m., wake up thinking it's really 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m., wake up because it is actually 5 a.m. 6-11:00 a.m., volunteer at SCC at the 17th annual Wellness Fest and 10K race. Noon, eat a delicious meal at First Watch. 1 p.m., head to the Rodaboughs for a photo shoot. 4:00 p.m., sit down to watch Albert Pujols and the Cards embarrass the Cubs. 5:30 p.m., fall asleep from exhaustion... What's next? Bring it on.


welcome to town, june.

This may be a first -- two posts in a day; but it's only fair since our good buddy June is in town and Nate is not. Everything shot with the trusty 30D, 400 ISO +/-, Aperture 5.6, using a 70-200 non-Image Stabilized lens. Oh, how I wish we had an f/2.8 IS...

bubbles in black and white

I am burning a disc or four right now, and so while that's running in the background, why not share a few more pictures? Like the post below, these are from a week ago today. The specs: ISO 160, Aperture f/4, Shutter 1/250, Flash? Yes. Converted to B/W in Adobe Lightroom. I wonder what it is about bubbles that makes kids so dang happy... Don't think I've ever met a kid under 4 yrs. old who didn't think they were the absolute coolest thing ever.


belated easter wishes

Ben and I got to spend Easter Saturday with a fun family. You might remember them from a Christmas shoot we did last year. We were invited to attend an egg hunt and bubble session with Ava and her cousin Cadence. It was super fun - and the girls were way adorable! Stay tuned for a link to the full shoot.


busy weekend

This weekend Ben and I had four different photo shoots - sure three were for the same family, but it still counts right? The above photos are from a wedding shoot, Friday afternoon at the St Louis, Missouri LDS Temple, where the bride and groom were married for time and all eternity. It was a frigid Good Friday, but the bride and groom kept their spirits high and warm. We have hundreds of photos to sift through, so stay tuned for a link to a web album with all the shots from the English-Dahle festivities Friday.


happy birthday to you ...

Today is my baby girl's birthday. She was born 04-05-06 (the coolest birthday EVER!). Since Benj isn't home to take her picture, I am posting one from last year when we celebrated her 2nd birthday with a photo shoot. She is such a patient dog. Thank you Khloe for being part of our family and making our family complete!


sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth

Well there was no pie ... but there were sweet potatoes! Ben is out of town for a bit (hence why the photos above are not edited the greatest), so Khloe and I decided to have a courageous dinner - just the two of us. She was so patient while the sweet potatoes were cooking, but you could tell that she thought one of them was just for her (they are her absolute favorite and are actually quite nutritious for dogs). We had fun. I think I'll keep her.
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