jackson jewkes

It's Show-and-Tell Sunday, featuring Fort Zumwalt West senior, Jackson Jewkes. We're very happy with the way these three shots turned out for their variety and their mood. Shot with the same two lenses as always: 50mm f/1.8 and 70-200mm f/4. Happy Sunday, and enjoy the new week!


... And one on the way

Meet the Bakers, an adorable family of 4 1/2... :) With Lil' Baby Baker on the way, Jaci and Adam came to us by way of John & Chastity, whose pix we've shot a few different times (most recently in March). Like usual, we shot outside and inside their home, including #2 (our fave) which was shot in their unfinished basement (under construction by Adam, himself!).

Photo lesson of the day: don't settle for the norm. Always walk with your eyes, and mind, open. Photos 1 & 4: shot with a 70-200 zoom lens. Photos 2 & 3: shot with a 50mm non-zoom lens.


In the lake or of the lake ...

Yeah, so most people tend to prefer taking photos of things out on the water, be it surfers in the ocean, birds on the icy river or fish in the aquarium.

Yeah, but not us. We would much rather hike up our shorts and walk out into the lake and take pictures of what's sitting on the banks. Like our friends, the Morgans. Happy belated Easter to everyone from us and them!


These are just two of our favorite things...

... Babies-on-the-way and babies-no-more { aka h.s. seniors :) }

So just a quick update and a teeny sneak peek – we're working almost 'round the clock on three recent shoots: Shannon, Jackson and Baby Baker!



Happy Birthday Khloe Dear! You have made us so, so happy for four wonderful years! p.s. you once told us peanut butter was your favorite, hope you enjoyed it.


Progress and Friendship

It's the story behind these photos that brings us to this point, and to tell the whole story we need to get our hands on at least one of the photos shot back in the day when these talented, dedicated, motivated and cheerful young women were first starting out in Girl Scouts. We'll see what we can do... Nevertheless, these seven savvy sisters have come a long way in the program, which launched in the early 1900s in beautiful Savannah, Ga., thus proving that friendship is a great motivator and a critical pillar for progress. To each of you: Congrats on your achievements!


Every once in a while...

... we actually make a blog post. At least as of late. And every once in a long while, we post something besides people pics. This is one of those times. In honor of the oh-so-strange 90 degree April 1 weather, we probably ought to be posting pictures of a swimming pool or kids playing in the water of a fire hydrant.

But no. We're sticking to spring. Found this bird in some 10-foot bushes on the St. Charles Community College campus. Just chilling. Acting as though it were spring; that is, acting as though it felt like spring. Shot w/ a 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 lens, the most important thing was to get in as tight as possible so that the bird's eye is in focus. Miss the eyes, and you miss the shot.
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