facebook cover collage | madeline

facebook cover
It had been a while since we last created and posted a Facebook Cover photo collage, so here's a new one. Statigram can create one automatically very quickly, but Photoshop, which is what we used for this one, works just fine, too.


biggs | october 2012


kunderman | a faust family photo

karalyn | faust park, fall 2012

photo of child
photo of child
Cute. Kid. Her curls sort of remind us of our niece's. But that smile is all her own.


more madeline? yes. | old st. charles

high school senior

high school senior in St. Charles
Madeline's photos were shot in Old St. Charles on and around Historic Main Street on a cool fall morning. And while we don't typically recommend a white shirt for a photo session, some people just make it work. Yes, Madeline is definitely one of those people.


madeline | old st. charles, class of 2013

high school senior photo
This isn't a watch or hair care advertisement. It's Madeline: leader, musician, daughter, friend, and Class of '13 student.

kenzie | faust park, class of 2013

Our last post about Kenzie didn't show off the fall color at Faust Park. The first below, on the other hand, sure does. Man, what a beautiful (and cold) afternoon!
HS Senior

high school senior
senior against fence


forget the park: family photos @ home

Photo of siblings
Family Photo
It's always such a joy to photograph the Tilton crew -- more so when it's actually above 40 degrees, which has hardly ever been the case! And although our favorite locale this year has been Faust Park in Chesterfield, Megan talked us into photos at their O'Fallon home.

Good call, Megan.


dreamlike | h.s. senior kenzie h.

high school senior
The ground? Rock solid. Kenzie's hair, eyes and smile? Polar opposite. A stellar model who we hope to have more chances to photograph down the road!


sisterly love

Fall family photo
We absolutely love this photo for its colors and the love and humorous interaction between the Brown sisters.
This photo was made around 10:15 in the morning in late September. { 100mm, f/3.2, 1/160 }


faust park | taylor

high school senior photo
high school senior photo collage
Stunning eyes. Gorgeous hair. Haunting beauty. Meet Taylor.
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