For the Love: the Wilson fam

When we get caught up in the busyness of our lives and become immersed in the thick of thin things, we run the risk of missing out on the joy in life. Seriously.
In May, we decided to help organize a fundraiser to benefit the young men and women of our church. Our goal was to donate our talents to something bigger and better than us, something that would serve a greater cause. We would encourage others to purchase a mini photo shoot for themselves or for a deserving friend or neighbor. Every dollar donated would go to help pay for the youths' summer camps.
We met our goal. On Sept. 10, with the help of some very good friends, we carried out the major part of our fundraiser event, which we called For the Love. In the days leading up to it and over the course of some days afterward, we have been working to finish the project (because not everyone who was invited to participate could join us on the 10th). We're not done yet but expect to be within the next 15 days.
After fighting off a string of bad weather, we moved one step closer this week when we met up with the Wilson Family on the St. Louis Temple grounds. Here's a look at some of their family's photos:

Several years ago, we started making photos of others because we had newborn nieces joining the family. We did it because others asked us to do it. We did it because we wanted to improve our own skills. And we did it because we realized how much we love to do it.
For the Love 2011 has helped us remember why we do what we do. Why we started. Why we'll continue.

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