South D'Kota, Dontcha'no

So I just got back from South Dakota, and I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with Sioux Falls. Yeah, the SculptureWalk was decent, as was Minervas, and the few city blocks within walking distance of the hotel were lively at night. But all in all, it was kinda' dull. Not exactly the town to live out your days... Sorry.

However... After looking through the (very few) pictures that I shot while I was there this week, I'll admit that SFSD regained a few cool points. I feel compelled to mention they look a whole lot better on screen than they did in real life. Again, sorry to the visitors and convention bureau (just telling it like it is)...

All seven of the above photos were taken at the Falls -- right in the heart of the city -- shortly before and after sunrise on Sunday, Sept. 20. Pay close attention to the bottom/right image and check out the medium-sized duck in the water right above the white rocks. Wish I would have had a longer lens (needed more than my 70-200...), but it was still cool to see him? it? her? swimming around and fighting the steady current. Determined little bird.

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Sarah said...

Hey thanks for showing me that the eastern side of the state DOES have something to contribute! We, over here on the east side of the river, have much more to be proud of such as the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, etc. Sorry, it's an East River/West River rivalry us South D'kotans have. But really, beautiful pictures!

Beck n' Ben said...

:) Thanks, Sarah. Don't go getting the Sioux Fall'ers all excited, though. I sure struggled to find stuff worthy of shooting!

I'm confused though: aren't the Black Hills, et al, on the west side of the state?

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