Pomp and Circumstance ... I mean really, where did that come from?

As promised, here they are ... You can also see all the pics by going to our Picasa site (see if you can find out which one is super fake, it's pretty obvious and funny at the same time). All pics are taken by Mr. Benjamin. I figured I needed to get mine up here before Ben comes home from SCC's graduation and posts those!

The pic on bottom right is of three of the four (we missed you Brian!) of the best Capstone teammates ever in Webster history. We seriously rocked and ended up in the 99th percentile in the nation on our project.

The third vertical pic on the top row is of me and Ashley, another good friend I had many classes with who still has the Capstone (equivalent of a Master's Thesis) to go. Pretty sure we probably weren't supposed to be waving at the camera, but we had just finished duping the grad assistant so we could line up in Dean Akande's line - and not the Assoc. Dean who-knows-her-name's line. So we felt pretty proud of ourselves. It takes an MBA to be a swindler.

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Hilary said...

Congrats! That is fantastic. You rock! Much love. Miss you.

Crystal and Billy said...

Sweet! It's so nice to be done!

Amy and Clark said...

Yeah! Congratulations! What a great feeling! Sure love you!
PS--love the pics from the free photo booth!

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