I'll be on the 7 o'clock to Chicago ...

Above words sung by the amazingly talented Kate Voegele come to mind when I think of Selena, the beautiful daughter of one of my coworkers. Random, I know. But I could not stop humming the song during the shoot.

Ben and I got to hang out with Selena and Amy this weekend at Forest Park while she was on winter break from Loyola. So these pics are a different kind of senior pictures. Yes, it's true - only one semester left until college graduation. So tell me, if a resume came with the picture three over from the right, would you hire her?

I guess Richard Peck was right, we are a Long Way From Chicago. Images shot with Canon 5D and Canon 30D; 50mm f/1.8 lens and 70-200 f/4 L.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Becca and Ben ... these pictures are gorgeous .. wow ... what talent you both have. It's impossible to not take a great picture of this beautiful girl. Linda Hielscher

Beck n' Ben said...

Thanks, Linda for the feedback! And I know, right? She's got an amazing look and is super photogenic.

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