been to tower grove park?

Fall in St. Louis was a bit short this year as far as color goes. Except in Tower Grove Park, where I guess the buildings nearby and the tall perimeter trees protect some of the smaller, vibrant inner ones. If that's why Craig and Marianne chose to have their engagement photos taken there, it was smart. If it was by pure chance or for convenience based on that evening's plans, then good fortune is simply on their side.

It's been dry in St. Louis this fall, which is why the color was more muted than it has been in other years (again, I assume). Still, the locations they chose didn't necessarily need the vibrancy of a traditional fall shoot -- that park is great because of its unique structures and trees and lake. And, on top of it all, when it comes down to it, it's probably 1/5 location and 4/5 the attitude and the people involved. Congrats, you two. Not on the 4/5 part, but on the engagement... this is a somewhat-stressful-but-oh-so-exciting time!

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Amie Orton said...

oh you guys. I lOOOVE your pictures. why didn't I make myself take time and follow you guys around and pick your brain. You're pics are just so good. I love pictures. Especially good ones. good job. they make me happy.


Ben and Beccalee said...
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Ben and Beccalee said...

thanks, amie. We, too, wish you'd have been able to come along on some shoots. Sad :( hope all's well! keep working @ it – and remember that it's patience and your own creativity, combined with a good lens, that makes for a great photo!!

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