diversity = flexibility

One of the greatest parts of being in high school is having the ability to be and do a thousand different things. What's to hold you back, right? In high school, I was a hockey player and a Thespian. Becca was a photographer and music fanatic (well, some things never change). It's all about options, diversity and creativity -- the perfect ingredients for flexibility in college when it comes time to decide what you'll ultimately do... and become.

Take our friend, JC, for example. Still not quite sure what the future holds in store for him, he's clearly perfectly content spending time on the links and at the skate park. His view is broad. His tastes are varied. He, in a lot of ways, is a snapshot of ourselves 12-13 years ago. And that's cool to see. And to photograph.

And for those interested, the first two shots were made with a 17-40mm lens at f/16 +/-. The b/w image was shot at 100mm and f/6.3. All at ISO 250.

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Shannon said...

Wow I love the shots of him skateboarding.

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