on a more positive note...

It's been six short years since the Youngs set up shop in St. Louis and in that time, we've watched their kids grow, watched their family grow, and they've even watched our sweet Khloe grow -- taking care of our mischievous little pup when she was much, much (young)er. But now, we say goodbye, as Sam, Jennie and the gang are packing up to move out West this week. Sunday at church was rather emotional as friends hugged and said their farewells and made plans to help the Youngs get ready to roll. No one likes goodbyes -- so on a more positive note, we were happy when we got the chance to hit their home last night and capture these:

We'll miss you, guys. Enjoy the images, and good luck in your next endeavor!

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Kara and Chant said...

Those are great! I am sad for you guys that you are losing them, but so happy for me that we getting them! Love this family!

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