just plain great | morgan family 2012

family photo
It's not fair to try and write words to accompany the Morgan's photo shoot. Such good friends and such dang good-looking kids. Love these guys like crazy.

mom and daughter
familyI mean, who really likes to cooperate all the time anyway? It makes for a better storytelling image sometimes, like the one above.  
brother and sister photo
mom and kids
cowboyIsn't this what being a little boy is all about? Shiny toy guns, big brass belt buckles and cowboy hats don't always make the man... Or do they?  
youth photo
youth photo colorFaith refashioned an old yellow cardigan of hers just for her beautiful daughter. Dedicated and talented. 
young girl
young girl
young girl with camera
kids running
"C'mon, sis! Let's get out of here before they try to make us do another pose."

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