Only that which I've heard...

A few weeks ago, I convinced Ben to jump in the Mazda 3, drive to a sleepy little college town in southwest Missouri (that's now practically underwater), and pay 20 bucks to see an up-and-coming bluesy rock act in Kate Voegele. Unsure of the music, I sold him on the venue, a little photo studio that fit no more than 300 people. Three hours and a few wrong turns later, we ended up at Randy Bacons Gallery in Springfield, Mo., for a really good show. Pretty sure it was the first time either of us saw a show where the opening band was the closing band, and the headliner's grandma was in the room. Turned out, it was Kate's debut show as the headliner, which made it even cooler. Anyway, in case you're interested in hearing Kate's sound, check her out at http://www.myspace.com/katevoegele. Or you can Google her and see AOL video clips from the Springfield show.

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