Lucy's Tiny New Friend

Weighing in at like 31 lbs. -- or something crazy big for a babe -- "Baby W," Dave n' Katie's newest addition a la familia, is nothing short of adorable. Lucky little guy he is to have such a cool set of parents (and pseudo aunt and uncle in, well, us...) And, speaking of lucky, it seems so far that Lucy (their 2 lb. Shiba Inu [or something like that]) is enjoying the new house guest. On a more serious note: here are four shots from our visit to their house yesterday. The rest can be seen in our Picasa album (See "Lucy's New Friend." Shot (most, at least) with the trusty Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5, at 100 ISO and, more or less, f/8. Lights? One 800ws Alien Bee at mid-power.

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Erica said...

we wish you guys were around to take all of our much needed pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Ben. You are such a talented photographer and I am speechless at how gorgeous Dave and his wife's newest addition is. Good work, all of you! :)

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