not to burst your bubble...

We were running through some photos of our ward friends, the Nays, when all of a sudden the brilliant idea came pounding on the door: make a bunch of colorful bubbles appear on the screen to add another splash of color, but make sure the pictures are somewhat blurry so the bubbles stand out...

Okay, so we really accidentally stumbled upon the idea (isn't that the way it usually goes?) because as we got talking and what not, our Vista screen saver randomly started and brightly colored orbs were scattering everywhere, uncontrollably. It really came just straight out of the blue since our screen saver hasn't worked for more than 6 mos. since we cut the cable and went to a wireless mouse. (Apparently, the CPU thinks that you're still hard at work even when you're not because the little blinking red tracker light keeps trying to communicate with the tower. Strange that all of a sudden the screen saver feature started working again.)

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