smile, it's the weekend.

It's official: our weekends are becoming more and more like weekdays. But it's nice to be busy. Reminds me of a recent Facebook status update by one fellow Hazelwood Central alum: "(Paula Rhodes) isn't crazy about weekends, but acknowledges that this is odd. Every day is potentially a weekend as an actor, and she looks most forward to the days she works."

And so, this is how we kept ourselves busy this weekend (in addition to hanging out with Los Maddox and Los Morgan to score some killer Mexican food):

Kinda' wish our blog lent itself to something more than just squares. Some pictures just weren't meant to be chopped down to a 1x1 box... Oh well.

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Michelle said...

Ok, I've always loved your pics, you know I'm a fan. But they just seem to be getting better and better. You are both amazing! Love ya!

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