someone's having twins...

... and no, it's not us. Becca and I experienced another first this past month: maternity photos. In about an hour-and-a-half, we put together about 50 shots inside and outside of Rachel and Brian's home and had a great time doing it. Yeah, it's always a bit stressful to shoot something you've never done before, but once you get going... And when you have such a great subject (or two... or four, in this case), it all comes together.

All of our inside shots were taken using two Alien Bees (except the silhouette). The outdoor shots shown here were all done with a prime 1.4 (if I remember correctly) ranging from wide open to f/8, no artificial light.

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The Morgans said...

I thought you guys weren't into the whole maternity photos...I am kicking myself that I didn't push harder to have you take some while I was a biggun.

Beck n' Ben said...

Sorry we're so lame. We should have done it... PS, nice use of pregnancy puns in your post!!!

Unknown said...

Awww! these are beautiful! Gotta love those Beardsleys!


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