heavy metal rules

On a trip out to Stolze Printing today for a press check on the SCC annual report, the press folk gave me clearance to walk around with my 40D and take photos of the printing and binding machinery. There was, of course, a lot of hi-tech, newer equipment, but what I was interested in capturing was the older, cooler-looking stuff.

Ultimately, I am trying to compose/make/select images that might look cool on the walls of our newly painted and redesigned office at the college, rather than buy some generic Target or Gordman's pre-framed art... The final product would be three or five black-and-whites, not 16 green, black, and whites. Other offices in our hallway are hanging campus pictures and student images, which I find rather boring and, well, easy.


PS: Everything was shot at 1600 ISO to give texture and to give a slightly more aged appearance. No flash. Various shutter speeds and apertures... Curves and color tones adjusted in Lightroom 2.4.

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