Senior photos @ Faust and 2 cool kids

The great thing about photographing seniors is that 99 percent of the time you know they're walking into the game emotionally "bought in" to the idea of having cameras staring at them for super-extended periods of time. As where most people begin to feel a little (or a lot!) uncomfortable after 2-3 minutes, high school seniors, are a totally different story!

Michelle was the perfect example in a recent shoot at Faust Park in Chesterfield. Take 10-15mph wind gusts and couple them with bright, midday sun, and you've got a big battle on your hands. But Michelle was a warrior and put up with it all. (Great job, Michelle!) Now, of these three, we dig the splash of pink in the middle photo, but it's the mysterious, thoughtful stare captured in image #3 that we love. Shot with three different lenses: 1) 50mm @ f/2.5-ish. 2) 70-200mm at f/7-ish. 3) 17-40mm f/5.6-ish.

Of course, the other small segment of the population who can handle the paparazzi with relative ease: kids. The easy part: getting young children to relax and forget there's a camera watching their every move. The hard part: getting them to remember there's a camera watching their every move... and waiting for them to make the right move! These two rock stars are catching on!

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Kara and Chant said...

You guys are amazing! I love the pictures of Michelle. And I love the lighting of the pictures of the kids. They are just amazing!

Beck n' Ben said...

Thanks for the note, Kara (and Chant)!

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