well worth the rain delay

It's apparently monsoon season in Missouri (didn't really know that existed, did'ya?). After a few postponements due to rain or the threat of rain.... (long pause...) Well, we'll stop writing and let the pictures tell the story of this beautiful 6-month-old! ...

... and this awesomely hilarious and vibrant 1-year-old!

Oh. And for anyone wondering out there: 70-200mm f/4 for most of these images.

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The Morgans said...

This is my dress that I love. Not mine, Monroe's and the black and white dress. I love it. Apparently it looks great on whoever is wearing it. Great pictures. You two are so talented.

Beck n' Ben said...

:) Yep, it's a great dress. Thanks, Morgans, for the great feedback! Always appreciated.

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