Keep the shoes.

Fun, light-spirited Nepalese culture requires a groom to essentially buy the right to leave for home with a) his shoes, and b) his wife. Needless to say, Binod was more than willing to fork over the dough on Aug. 21 to "win" his newlywed bride, back from her sisters. Traditionally, the event takes place the day of the wedding, where the bride's sisters swipe the groom's shoes and ask for money if he wants them, and his wife, back. And the bargaining begins!

One of the highlights of the evening for receptions guests, it was thoroughly enjoyable from our vantage point to watch the show go down and the interaction between Binod and his cheerful, adoring sisters-in-law.

And if memory serves us correctly, he got his shoes back, finally, for 30 bucks.

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