Sweet T(2)

Teagan's back! Less than five months ago, we met Justin and Amanda and their little bright-eyed girl, Teagan, and spent the morning with them inside their home. Round 2 took us to Forest Park, just above the World's Fair Pavilion -- a great place to shoot... [Sometimes, we love shooting inside, especially because of how surprised people get when they see their home through a camera lens. "Are you kidding me? I never would have imagined my house could be such a cool backdrop for a photo!" Yep; the genuine surprise factor is great. And then again, sometimes, we love shooting outside. Even in the middle of a St. Louis summer. This last week was one of those weeks.]

Do we prefer one situation over the other? Good question. Depends on the day or week, maybe.

Three of the above photos were shot with our trusty 50mm. One with a 70-200 zoom. Three mix daylight, shade and a splash of studio light. The other, if I remember correctly, was shot under ambient, diffused light only. Interested in more specifics? Just comment or email us. No secrets here.

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Unknown said...

Aww, we love these already! It was so nice to see you both again. Can't wait to look at the rest of the pics! See you soon for 9 month pics.
Thank you for everything!

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