all grown up

When Hannah asked us a few months ago to create senior portraits with her, she made a special request: Any chance you can find a grand piano to use in the shoot? Good question, we thought. But after some brainstorming we pulled it off, thanks to our neighbor and friends, the Meiers. (Thank you, btw, for letting us take over your upstairs music studio for an hour!)
(Sorry if this next part is embarrassing...) So, Hannah and Ben go way back – all the way to when he was in high school and she was in the nursery. Good family friends dating back years, I think it was an especially fun and enjoyable shoot for Ben (even if it made him feel a bit old). It clearly meant a lot to him to get to see Hannah’s sister, Joanna, during the Quail Ridge portion of the shoot.

And now, Hannah’s all grown up. A superb student. A talented musician. A great person. And about the same age as Ben was when the two first met. Crazy.

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Kristine Pratt said...

great shot with the piano!

Beck n' Ben said...

Thanks! The Meier's piano is gorgeous. And, obviously, very shiny :)

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