missouri trek 2012

Pioneer portrait Pioneers in the water Pioneer handcart Pioneer photo Pioneer portrait Pioneer struggling photo After a week in Ohio at the 51st annual UPAA symposium, Saturday morning it came time to put into practice some new ideas (can you spot the free-lensing?). And there was no better place to do just that than middle Missouri on the fourth and final day of the St. Louis North Stake pioneer trek in Mark Twain National Forest. You can see more on Facebook if you're interested.
Pioneer preparation photo

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Katie said...

These are beautiful! Moving! Great work you two.

Ben and Beccalee said...

Thanks, Katie! Kind words.

Anonymous said...

Ben... you are so very, very much appreciated for your time spent on Saturday to capture such wonderful pictures. I hope that you will be able to share them with or link to the website Chris Condiff is creating (also Facebook I think) to compile all photos. Chris followed our entire Trek and you even got a GREAT photo of him. Your photography skills are amazing!!!! Dave T.

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