Ahhh, Florida.

It's warming up outside. (That's nice and all. But it's still officially winter...) And what do you do in winter time? You suffer a bit from the dryness and the wind but enjoy the cold while it's around because in a few short months, it'll will be hot and muggy, and it will feel like there is no escape.

It's a vicious circle. That's what vacations are for: to escape what's normal in life -- that circle -- for a short while and to focus on what's beautiful and fun and meaningful. We did that this winter, courtesy of Celebrity, and it was worth every penny. So, if it doesn't get cold again for the rest of this official winter season, that's okay. It'll give us something to look forward to the next time St. Louis goes into a deep freeze.

Ahhh. Florida. (Except for the sun-streaming-in-the-window shot, which was taken in a church in Colombia.)

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