anatomy of a newborn shoot

What exactly goes into photographing a newborn? Mostly: time.
We essentially tell parents, "Hey. Sit back. Relax. We're moving in for a while and we have lots of luggage."
That's because, truth be told, no two shoots are the same. Some babies are sleepers. Some, well, not so much. Some are big (well, relatively speaking). Some fit in a bowl. Some in a basket. Some fit in the palm of your hand. And, of course, some, well, don't. Some don't mind a bright light. Some require cranking up the ISO camera setting so you can shoot in the dark.
Like the tiny babies themselves, it's all about being flexible. And recognizing that not every idea is going to pan out. And that's okay.
Guess that's sort of like life in general, eh?

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Kara and Chant said...

Those are wonderful. Love the basket! I mus say my favorite is the bottom left corner. So precious, all of them.

The Henrich Family said...

nice job guys. It helps when you are dealing with a dang cute baby! :)

Crystal and Billy said...

Very nice! And good practice for the shot of the century: Levi is coming in just 4 short weeks! We'll have to schedule a photo shoot. Whenever you want. We'll make ourselves available.

Beck n' Ben said...

Good practice, is right! How'd you know? That's what this shoot was all about--our winter warmup for the Shoot of the Century. :) We can't wait. Let's plan for day 3 or 4. No later than day 6...

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