sobrinitas queridas

Say hello to our nieces. Two of them, at least...

Last evening, we posted a few photos on Facebook -- "Dinner Time" was the album title, I believe. Way more raw and unrefined than these. Perhaps, because of it, with more character? Depends on what intrigues you. What fascinates you. What you like. There's something about taking the ultra-ordinary -- like a kid eating cereal -- and making it extraordinary -- based on angles and lighting -- that can cause greater impact than a photo well-scripted and perfectly lit... Both are "art," no doubt. Just comes down to taste as for which ends up in a frame.

For example, in our house you'd never find Manet, Monet or Rembrandt. Beautiful? Sure. Just that we're more the Alexandra Nechita-type. That is, if we could afford it.

For now, we'll just stick to framing the pictures we shoot and hanging them on our poorly painted walls. Oh, and about the shots: 1) 28mm f/5.6, studio light within 1.5' 2) 100mm f/6.3, studio light at approx. 4' 3) 50mm f/3.5, studio light within 2' 4) Exact same as #2.

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! Seriously amazing! And the girls are just gorgeous!

Kristine Pratt said...

Love these pics, the 1st one if my favorite! Wish we lived by you guys to take pics of Hayden!!!!

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